Growth Track Lesson Two: Growing In Christ

Private Disciplines Next Step

For The Month of January, Our SDMC, Spiritual Discipline Monthly Challenge Consist of Our 21 Days of Prayer & Devotion.
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Personal Ministry

Few things stretch and thus grow our faith like stepping into a ministry environment and serving others. Ministry makes people’s faith grow bigger! Even Jesus says in Mark 10:45, I did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life as a ransom for many.” And at the City of Hope Community Church, we use our hands to show our hearts and we selflessly serve both our church and our community.

Providential Relationship

Every story that involves someone growing in Christ and experiencing spiritual formation, has a relational component attached to it. We call these, providential relationships. Encounters that initially appeared accidental or random are eventually viewed as divine appointments. Whether it develops into a long-term relationship or even for a short time, understand that God will allow your path to intersect with others in a providential way. Two things make a relationship providential: when we hear from God through someone and when we see God in someone. When either of those things happen, our faith gets bigger. Now understand, while it’s well beyond our ability to manufacture any type of relationship of this magnitude, what we can do is create environments that are conducive to the development of these types of relationships.

Pivotal Circumstances

We all have had to endure what I call pivotal circumstances. Be it the death of a friend or family member, a divorce, a prolonged illness, a betrayal, a heartbreak or any other circumstance that was detrimental. Understand that adverse circumstances can damage an individual’s faith or deepen it. People tend to lose faith in the face of tragedy. Unexpected life events are major factors in the development or erosion of our confidence in God. We discovered that when our faith is down for the count, that helping people view the world through the lens of scripture is critical to providing them with the proper context from which to interpret life. The goal is to walk with them as they navigate through the pivotal circumstance that they face. The Goal is to help them find God in the midst of life’s pivotal circumstances.